Industrial sized Fuel Saving Technology for Mining, Heavy Industry, Marine, Shipping, Road & Transport.


(PCM) Petroleum Conditioning System Marine/Mining

Fuel Saving Technology designed for Mining Equipment, Liners, Ferries, Fishing & Diving Boats, Tugboats, Dredge, Boats, Generators, Boilers…
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    Reduce operational expenditure by increasing fuel economy

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    Longer service intervals due to cleaner oils and filters saving operating expenses

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    Improve the value of capital expense by prolonging the life of engines and primary asset

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    Continued savings for over 25 years

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    Reducing toxic nitrogen dioxide and carbon emissions


To order the PCM devices, we recommend you consult us first for help in selecting the best product for your engine requirements.

Real World Fuel Saving Results on Japanese Ships using PCM devices

Name Prefecture Work Weight Horsepower Engine Saving(%) PCM Model Summary
Tonbolo Kagoshima Run by fishpond 5 tonne 300hp 6400cc Yammar 38.7% 1×620 3mths data before installing PCM – 1100L/1350L/1550L 3mths av. 4000L
3mths data after installing PCM – 830L/710L/900L 3mths av. 2450L
Lopez Okinawa Diving 5 tonne 329hp 6000cc Yammar 22.4% 1x PCM620 More than 22.4% more efficient after installing PCM in same condition of without PCM
The fifth Sho-tomaru Wakayama Fishing 8 tonne 700hp 13400 Isuzu 35% 1x PCM620 without PCM—850rpm 11.5L/h, with PCM ——-800rpm 8.7L/h
Ken-ei maru Kouchi Fishing 20 tonne 730 18000 Yammar 30% 2x PCM620 Without PCM—1000L Diesel Approx. 40- 50L/h in 3days work of 6-8h/day,
With PCM—1000L Diesel, approx. 30-35L/h 4days work, also reduced the noise and the colour of exhaust gas.





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