Company G-Cylinder Pty Ltd

G-Cylinder Pty Ltd is environmentally responsible company with strong ethical foundation for sustainable human development.

We sell improved fuel efficiency, applicable to most needs in heavy industry and automotive sectors. Marketing a class leading device known as a G-cylinder. It becomes the mechanism that makes it easier to explode fuel. Eliminating the entanglement of fuel molecules, using infrared radiation, fuel efficiency is improved. A range of other benefits to engines makes the G-cylinder a worthwhile investment.
The cleaner exhaust emissions reduce environmental pollution. A much needed improvement as humans should endeavor to protect planet earth. Future generations can inherit our planet and enjoy all its beauty, with out suffering from the damage we may cause.

We sell improved fuel efficiency, the marine equipment and PCM automotive combustion promoting device G-cylinder.

Past Experience

For the past 10 years the founding members of G-Cylinder Pty Ltd have been working closely with Australian, American and Japanese technology developers. We have experience in trading in more than 30 countries world-wide. Particularly in the fields of municipal drinking water projects and mining, our founders and directors have worked with International companies such as Coca Cola, Siemens, Nalco, GE, Itochu Chemicals and BTEC Corporation.

Today we are enjoying learning and sharing new technologies in the new exciting field of advanced fuel efficiency technology, using carbon nano tubes.

We aim to be a company that allows you to develop. Providing service and quality products that satisfy our customers. To connect the happiness of the community with all our customers and employees.

In today’s resource competitive world, G-Cylinder aims to provide a means to engage in sustainable commerce for local businesses, governments and operators in the International community by utilizing our oil resources more efficiently and reducing the impacts of toxic atmospheric emissions.
Tomorrow we will continue to invest and look for ways to develop new technologies for the fuel, agriculture, and water treatment services that are mindful of the environment and that will benefit all humans and our children.

James Glaskin – Founder
Keizo Suzuki – Founder
Caley Brent-White – Founder



Less Fossil Fuels Used

Increasing Fuel Economy makes the most of the world’s limited resources of fossil fuels.

Cleaner Emissions

Up to 60% Exhaust Hydrocarbons are utilized in combustion, resulting in a cleaning operating engine.

Reduction of Waste

This technology works on your existing engine, and prolongs the lifetime of the machine, therefore maximizing your current machinery and minimizing wasteage.

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