Performance & Tips Achieving the Greatest Fuel Economy

Achieving the Greatest Fuel Economy with the G-Cylinder, a unique catalytic device encapsulating nano carbon particles into aluminum housing.


Driving at optimum cruising speeds, in top gear, between the rev range of 1500 RPM – 2500 RPM or ¼ up to ½ throttle. The flow rate of fuel is much slower than at full throttle or higher rev ranges, allowing more contact time in the G-Cylinder’s infrared radiation field.

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     The short term effects of the G-Cylinder fuel saving technology, can be felt in as little as 30mins. Such as increased torque, acceleration smoothness and decreased engine vibration and less black smoke. The greatest fuel economy will be achieved on long highway trips an extra urban driving conditions. As fuel molecules pass through the G-Cylinder’s more than once and returns to the fuel tank, they remain activated and charged for several hours.

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    The long term effects, will take some time maybe 2-3months, at which point due to cleaner engine parts and reduced carbon buildup on important engine parts, it will cause fuel economy to perform at peak levels.


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G-Cylinder burns 60% more un-burnt hydrocarbons, drastically reducing carbon build up in the engines cylinders, pistons, rings, valves, lifters, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, exhaust systems, throttle bodies and turbo charges. Reducing carbon build up not only enhances the torque characteristic, enabling the driver to reach peak power sooner, it also prolongs the engines life and reduces the effect of lost power and performance of carbon effected engines.


Easy to Install

Installation of G-Cylinder is very simple. No alteration to the engine bay or fuel system is necessary.

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The G-Cylinder Difference

The G-Cylinder is a unique catalytic device no like other. Find out what makes the G-Cylinder stand out against the competitors.

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