Automotive Fuel saving device for your car that works.

The G-Cylinder Mini is a fuel saving device is easy to install, safe and easy to use. The fuel saving device for your car that works.


PCA – Petrol Conditioning Automotive (Mini)

Nanotechnology Fuel Saving for cars & automotive.
Small EnginesSmall CarMedium CarLarge Car
× For Turbo & Turbo Diesel, capacity is multiplied by 1.5.
For example 3750cc x 1.5 5000cc (3 G-Cylinder’s required)


We are confident that G-Cylinder will improve the efficiency of your engine and reduce your greenhouse emissions. So we are happy to offer you a 30 Day, no risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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    Up to 10% – 20% more efficient combustion can be achieved.

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    Greater Torque Gains and Smoother Acceleration

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    Carbon Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides and Hydrocarbons

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    Burns up to 60% more unburnt hydrocarbons, preventing carbon build up in the engine cylinders, pistons, engine rings, intake manifold, throttle bodies, exhaust manifold, turbo chargers, exhaust and catalytic converters.

University of Western Australia

¼ throttle tests with the G-cylinder show a noticeable decrease in specific fuel consumption.


Test 4: 0.456 kg/kWh ¼ throttle, with G-cylinder

Test 5: 0.549 kg/kWh  ¼ throttle,  no G-cylinder

More Case Studies


Install in 5mins

Installation of the G-Cylinder Mini is very simple. No alteration to the engine bay or fuel system is necessary.

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InfraRed with Nanotube

How It Works?

Far infrared radiation separates the fuel clusters to better combust with oxygen.

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Need a Bigger Solution?

Does your fuel economy requirements exceed the Automotive category?

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