Prime Movers Trucks, Road Transport & Large Vehicles

Prime Movers – Fuel Saving Specially designed for Trucks and Large Diesel Engines.


(PCRS) Petroleum Conditioning Road Special

Fuel Saving  for Large Diesel Cars & Vans, Diesel Buses, Diesel Trucks, Diesel Trains.

Selection Criterial for PCRS
Up to 10,000cc 1 (PCRS720) G-CYLINDER
Up to 20,000cc 2 (PCRS720) G-CYLINDER’S

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    Reduce operational expenditure by increasing fuel economy

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    Longer service intervals with due to cleaner oils and filters saving operating expenses

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    Improve the value of capital expense by prolonging the life of engines and primary asset

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    Continued savings for over 25 years

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    Reducing toxic nitrogen dioxide and carbon emissions

Fuel Saving Technology on a large scale.


Does your fuel economy requirements exceed the Prime Mover (PCRS) category?

If so, please look at the Industrial Technology

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